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3 Questions To Ask When You Need Emergency Car Key Replacement

by Clifton Montgomery

As vehicles have become more sophisticated, their safety features have similarly improved. However, those safety features do not come without a price and that price can be significant when you need an emergency car key replacement. Fortunately, when you know the right questions to ask, finding an emergency locksmith is much less stressful.

#1-How Long Will It Take To Get Your New Keys?

Undoubtedly, one of the least convenient aspects of replacing your car key unexpectedly is typically going to be how you get to the person who can make the new one. Buses are rarely convenient and taxis are obviously expensive. Therefore, a mobile locksmith is usually the best choice.

The bad news is that lost or damaged car keys never seem to be a problem when you have a leisurely day in front of you. Instead, they always seem to occur when you are already running late or when you have a busy day ahead of you. As a result, be sure to clarify when you can expect the mobile locksmith to arrive and how long it will take to get the new keys.

#2-Could Part Of The Cost Be Paid By Your Vehicle Insurance Or A Roadside Safety Assistance Program?

As previously mentioned, the unexpected expense of getting new keys is much more than it was just a decade or two ago. To minimize that cost, it is a good idea to check into whether or not the cost will be paid (in part or in full) by a roadside assistance or insurance plan.

Even if it is not covered, you may be able to get the name of a reputable mobile locksmith in your area. In addition, although roadside assistance does not always cover new keys, it may pay for the cost of towing if you cannot find a mobile locksmith to come to you.

#3-Do You Have To Be There For The Mobile Locksmith?

If you are lucky enough to have another car or alternate transportation, you may not have to waste more time waiting for the mobile locksmith to arrive. Since you will usually need to establish your identity and right to access the car, it is possible that you could leave that information with a third party or in a designated area and proceed with the rest of your day.

In conclusion, losing or breaking your only car key is obviously inconvenient, but it could also be almost catastrophic, depending on your plans for the day. As a result, it is important to be aware of important questions to verify that you are choosing the most appropriate mobile locksmith for your needs. For more information about replacing your car keys, contact a locksmith such as Ability Lock & Key