Improving Your Home Security

Making Your Home a Safer Place

by Clifton Montgomery

Your home is that one place where you and your family should feel safe and secure. In most instances, your home will accomplish this. However, a criminal in the area can change all that by breaking into your home and showing you how vulnerable you really are. You want to do everything in your power to keep criminals out and away from your home, and this article will offer you tips to help.

Keep your windows and doors secure

Take a walk around the outside of your home during the daytime and nighttime. Make a note of any features on the property near a window or door that might provide a criminal with cover, such as a large bush. Remove the objects that would give a person cover to hide in so they won't feel as comfortable breaking in at that window or door.

Put secondary locks on all the windows in your house for some added security. This can be done by getting window locks at the local hardware store that simply screw tightly to the window frames and make it harder for someone on the outside to rock the window off the track.

All the doors that lead to the outside should have deadbolts on them. Further, any doors you like to leave open during the day for fresh air should have security screens added that also have deadbolts.

Have a security system installed

A security system works as a great deterrent for potential thieves, and it also helps increase the chances of them being caught if they do decide to go through with a break-in.

Make sure you put up the yard signs and stickers that come with your security system. Many times, these warnings will be enough to keep a criminal going right past your house.

Anytime you have to give out the security code to anyone that doesn't reside in the home, you want to immediately change it as soon as they will no longer need to access your home on their own.

Along with monitoring all the windows and doors, you also want a system that has motion detectors. This way, if a person is able to gain entry into the house somehow, the motion detectors will still catch them.

Another important feature for a security system to have is cameras. Go with a system that allows you to monitor those cameras away from home using your laptop or smart phone.

A security alarm company can determine your alarm needs and install a system for you. A professional from a service like Cornerstone Locksmith can come out to your home and give you advice on the best locks for your home. Once you have these things taken care of, you will feel safer.