Improving Your Home Security

3 Modern Locks To Consider

by Clifton Montgomery

A locksmith is a great resource when it comes to installing new locks on your home, especially when you consider the fact that they can offer you new and modern locks to replace the traditional ones on your home. A few of the modern locks to consider are wireless-enabled, biometric, and keypad locks.


One of the most versatile types of modern locking system is the wireless-enabled lock. These locks are quite useful because they can be opened by simply pressing a button on a dongle, remotely via a secure website, or even through the use of a basic smartphone app.

Another great reason to consider this type of lock is because it can make it easy to allow house guests to get into your home. For example, you can provide access permission to a smartphone app that your house guests can download which will allow them to get into the home when you are not present. In addition, you can even set a duration for the access permission so that the access is revoked once a certain number of days or hours have passed. 


A biometric lock is a very nice lock to consider if you do not want to have to worry about any extra devices or keys when it comes to getting into your home. Instead, a biometric lock will allow you into the home after simply scanning a fingerprint. This makes a biometric lock the best choice if you want to make it very hard to get locked out of your home because you do not need to remember a password, your keys, or your phone. 


Finally, a keypad lock is a good choice because of its simplicity. As with the biometric lock, a keypad lock will not require any additional keys or devices to open, you simply need to remember the code to get into your home.

As long as you remember that code, it is almost impossible to lock yourself out of your home. If you do forget the code, many keypad locks will provide you with a key to open the lock just in case. In addition, it is easy to allow guests to get into your home as you will not need to make extra copies of your keys, you can simply provide your guests with code.

Speak to a locksmith today in order to determine which of these modern locks would be a good fit for you and your home. A keypad or biometric lock is a good choice if you want a simply lock that does not require you to carry any additional keys or devices, while a wireless lock offers a lot of versatility. For more information about modern locks, check out