Improving Your Home Security

Choosing The Right Jewelry Safe For Your Home

by Clifton Montgomery

For jewelry collectors, a home jewelry safe offers a great way to keep precious pieces secure and stored safely out of sight. If you have a significant fine or antique jewelry collection and you don't already have a jewelry safe, here are a few things to take into consideration as you shop.

Exterior Appearance

If you will be looking for different jewelry pieces to wear every day, you'll probably want to keep the safe in a convenient location that is out in the open. You can find jewelry safes that are both durable and stylish that can blend in with your existing bedroom or walk-in closet decor. Cream, pink, blue or even wood grain options are available, and you can find safes with gold-toned keypads and handles to add a rich look to your space. Talk to your locksmith about different options that might work best in your space.

Built-In Storage

Jewelry safes come with drawers and trays that let you organize your pieces. The number of drawers and the size of the compartments in each drawer will help you to determine which safe is right for you. A larger safe will typically have more trays, which will give you more organizational options. If you are always adding to your jewelry collection, you may want to go with a safe that is larger to fit your future needs. For storing family heirlooms, a smaller safe should suit your needs and give you enough room to add a few piece in the future. Remember that you can always use one of the extra trays for personal papers, cash and other small items, making your jewelry safe do a little extra work for you.

Ease Of Operation

Choosing a safe that is secure yet still easy for you to open is important. If you love the look and feel of a more old-fashioned safe, you can opt for a traditional combination lock. Modern safes come with keypads that let you simply enter in a pass code to open the safe. While the older combination safes need to be maintained by keeping the inner mechanisms lubricated, keypad safes need to have their batteries changed from time to time. Your locksmith can help you determine which safe is the easiest for you to open and to maintain.

A jewelry safe provides a secure way to store and protect your most valuable pieces of fine jewelry or heirloom jewelry. Talk to your locksmith like Anytime Lock & Safe about different options for securing your valuables in your home.