Improving Your Home Security

Did You Purchase A House That Used To Be A Rental Property? Safety Precautions You Must Take

by Clifton Montgomery

If you have purchased a home that used to be a rental property at some point, it's imperative that you have a locksmith come to the house as soon as you get the keys. You don't want to put your home at the risk of an intrusion, and you don't want to put your safety in jeopardy.

You don't know how many people had keys to the property while they were tenants, or who the landlord and tenants gave keys to. Several renters in and out of the property may also know how to get in through windows or doors around the home by picking the locks. Here are a few things to talk with the locksmith about.

Get Specialized Locks

The door locks should be specialized cylinder locks, keypad entry locks or something of high quality. Don't just settle for the cheap locks and handles that you can get at the home improvement store, and instead spend the extra money to get locks that can't be picked, and that you know no one else will have a key for. Do this for all of the entry doors in the home.

Add Deadbolts  

All of the exterior doors in the home should have deadbolts to stop people from kicking in the doors, no matter who lived there before. Deadbolts are affordable to have installed and worth the investment. Someone who sees the deadbolt from the outside will know that a forced entry is unlikely.

Improve Security

Does the house have a security system? If not, adding a security system could reduce the chances of the new house you own from getting broken into by 300 percent. There are systems simple enough to detect forced or unwanted entry and fire or gas problems in the home, and others that are more complex and can regulate the temperature of your thermostat, control the lights in the home and more.

A locksmith isn't just going to help make your house safer since there have been many people living in it over time, but they are also a security professional that can help with security systems and precautions. If you don't have locks on all of the windows around the home, or there is no motion lighting so you can see if someone or something is trying to creep around in the shadows, have the locksmith install these different security features as well.

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