Improving Your Home Security

3 Types Of Locks To Consider For Your Home

by Clifton Montgomery

Replacing your locks can be a great way to greatly increase your home's security while also providing you with numerous other benefits. Listed below are three lock types that you should seriously consider when replacing your home's locks.

Smart Lock

One of the most useful and versatile lock types to consider when replacing the locks on your exterior doors are smart locks. Smart locks typically refer to locks that have an Internet connection. These locks are a great choice because they can offer you multiple ways to access your home and reduce the chances of you being locked out of your house.

For example, a smart lock can usually be unlocked through the use of a traditional key, through a secure website, or via a simple app on your smartphone. To make matters even better, these smart locks can also provide you with guest access options.

A smart lock can often allow you to issue guest passes to any visitors to your home that have the unlocking app. These guest passes can be tailored to your specific requirements, such as allowing you to limit the pass to a certain number of uses or making the pass valid for only a few days.

Biometric Lock

Another great lock to consider is a biometric lock that will require a scan of your fingerprints to let you into your home. Not only does this provide you with a large amount of security for your home, it can also make it extremely unlikely that you will be locked out of your home because you do not need to have your keys or any other items on you for the lock to open.

Tap-To-Open Lock

Finally, tap-to-open locks are one of the most convenient locks to install on your home because they are designed to open at the touch of your hand. This is possible because the lock will be scanning for the associated dongle. When the dongle is in range the lock will automatically open when you tap the handle.

The range on these locks is typically quite small so you will need to have the dongle in your pocket and be standing directly in front of the door for it to work. Having a tap-to-open lock is quite useful if your hands are full with groceries or other items, or simply do not want to have to dig through your pockets to find your keys.

Contact a locksmith like Irvine Lock & Key today in order to discuss which types of locks he or she would recommend for your home. Tap-to-open, biometric, and smart locks are all great choices that can all provide you with their own unique set of benefits.