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Key Tips For Increased Security On Your "New" Used Car

by Clifton Montgomery

If you purchase a used high value car or one that ranks high on the local "most stolen" list, you may be concerned that someone else may have a copy of your keys. This could pose a risk, especially if those extra sets fall into the hands of someone willing to steal your car. The following are some security tips that can help set your mind at ease.

Tip #1: Disable unknown chipped keys

If your car requires a chipped key  to start, then you have the simplest option for making sure the car is secure. This is because the computerized systems in most modern cars contain a memory of all the keys that have access to the system. Simply hire a locksmith to check which keys are stored in the car's memory. They can then disable any unknown keys so only the keys in your possession are active. Keep in mind, most chipped key system can still be used to manually unlock the car, but the key will no longer work for starting the ignition. In many cases, this is sufficient security to guard against theft. Having a chipped system rekeyed can add future expenses if you need to have new keys made, since the dealer will no longer be able to order your key codes for you.

Tip #2: Rekey the ignition

For older cars that do not have a chipped key, then you will need to have the ignition rekeyed at the very least. You can also opt to have the doors rekeyed, although this is more time consuming and will add to your cost. If theft is the primary concern, as opposed to vandalism, having a the ignition done should be enough. If you do decide to have the door locks rekeyed, make sure the locksmith fulling installs new locks as opposed to reconfiguring the old ones to match a new key. The former is much more secure, while the latter may actually make your car easier to break into as it weakens the locking mechanism.

Tip #3: Invest in a new security system

Putting a new security system on your car can also be helpful. On the low end, something as simple as an external steering wheel lock can prevent theft effectively. If you prefer an integrated system, then choose an alarm that produces both a noise to instantly ward of intruders, as well as the ability to report the attempted theft to a security center that can contact police or track the vehicle if necessary.

For more help, talk with an automotive locksmith service in your area.