Improving Your Home Security

How A Locksmith Can Get You Into Your Home If You're Locked Out

by Clifton Montgomery

Did you lose your keys and are now locked out of your home? The easiest way to get back inside is to contact a locksmith to get past that locked door for you. Here are some methods that they'll use to open a lock.

Lock Bumping

One technique that locksmiths use to not cause damage to the lock is called lock bumping. It involves using a special key, often referred to as a bump key, to move the pins of the locking cylinder. The locksmith will need a bump key with the proper style of the lock they are trying to open, and they will insert the key almost all the way in. They put pressure on the bump key to turn it but then hit the bump key with a hammer. The hope is that it causes the pins inside the locking cylinder to move. Then the bump key turns the cylinder, and the door unlocks. 

This can be just what you need to get into your home without causing damage to the lock. If the locksmith's bump key gets stuck inside the cylinder, they'll need to take the lock off the door to release the bump key and then put it all back together. 

Lock Picking

Another technique is called lock picking, and it is exactly what you think it is. Lock picking is a skill that involves using specialized tools to reach into the cylinder of the lock and move the pins. It involves using a tension wrench and a small pin so that the locksmith can manually move the pins up and into the proper position so that the locking cylinder can turn. 

Lock Unlatching

If the door does not have a deadbolt, a locksmith can use the credit card technique to open the door. This involves placing a flexible piece of plastic between the door frame where the latch of the door handle goes into the frame. The plastic pushes the latch into the door so that it is no longer in the frame, just as if you turned the unlocked handle, which allows you to easily open the door without causing any damage. 

Lock Drilling

When all other methods fail, a locksmith can drill into the cylinder to remove the pins and turn the locking cylinder. This technique will damage the cylinder, which is why a locksmith should only use this technique as a last resort. Thankfully, it is easy to replace the locking cylinder with a new one. 

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