Improving Your Home Security

What To Look For When Buying A Safe

by Clifton Montgomery

Do you want to install a safe in your home to keep some items secure, such as documents or jewelry? If so, you'll need to know what to look for when buying a safe and have a locksmith install it for you. Here are some things to look for when buying a safe.

Glass Relocker

The thickness of the door is not that important, since many doors simply have a lot of air within that thickness. What you want to look for is a glass relocker built into the door. The way that the security mechanism works is that the locking mechanism of the safe is placed behind the door in a place where others are not sure where it is exactly. There is also a piece of glass behind the door as well. If someone drills into the wrong part of the door and breaks that glass, it causes the spring loaded relocking system to fire into the handle. The handle will lock in place, and nobody will be able to open the door. 

Many glass relockers are deactivated by default in case the glass breaks during shipping. If you want this feature, make sure that you activate it after the safe is installed. 

Bolt Size

All the security mechanisms of a safe will not matter if the bolts are not strong. When comparing safes, look at the bolt sizes in terms of its thickness and how deep the bolt extends into the side of the safe. A bigger bolt is always going to provide more security, since it can't be wiggled out of the door. If you buy a cheap safe from a mass merchandise store, it will likely have smaller bolts with the minimum amount of depth.

Safe Weight

Looking at two similarly sized safes and not sure which one is best? A good way to compare them is to look at the weight of the safe per cubic foot. This will let you know which one is made of metal that is thick and dense, which is going to translate to better protection. You may not be able to see specifications on each safe in terms of wall thickness, but that weight per cubic foot will essentially tell you how much metal is being used in the construction of the safe. 

Having problems picking out a safe? Reach out to a locksmith for their opinion on which safe they recommend installing.