Improving Your Home Security

Lockout Prevention And Solutions

by Clifton Montgomery

Unable to access your vehicle, garage, home, or business can occur during power outages or if a faulty locking system or missing key comes into play. Be prepared for a lockout and use some strategies to aid in minimizing setbacks, which could alter your plans or make a minor inconvenience one that is monumental, expensive, and time-consuming.

Form a New Habit

The manner in which you lock up your home or business for the day or secure your vehicle or garage may currently be handled in a different way. If you are often rushed and grab your keys right before exiting your home or business and tend to activate your vehicle door locks while you are still inside of your vehicle, the inconsistency of your behaviors could ultimately cause you to forget an important step that is necessary to secure your property or access it when desired.

One simple way to prevent lockouts is by waiting until you are standing outside of your home, business, or personal property, before engaging a locking system. Manually locking a door from the outside will ensure that your keys do not wind up locked behind closed doors. This simple practice can become a habit, by vowing to handle all of your security responsibilities in the same manner.

If you currently keep keys on separate key chains, transfer them to the same one. Make a copy of each key and set up an alternate key chain with the spares. Two complete key chains, which both contain all of the keys needed on a daily basis will eliminate the possibility of grabbing the wrong set of keys when you are leaving your home or business.

Make Some Plans

There may be an occasion or two in which you will need to hire a locksmith. If you have any locks that require electricity, for instance, a power outage will make it impossible for you to gain entry, without having help from a licensed locksmith or using an alternate method to enter a locked structure. For instance, if your garage door opener is electrically-operated, you won't be able to move your car into or out of the structure for the time being.

If you have a locksmith's number saved in your phone's contact list and a side or rear entry door that you can use to access or exit the garage, you won't be entirely inconvenienced.

For more information about what to do during a lockout, contact a local locksmith service.