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3 Signs That Your Commercial Door Needs Repair Services

by Clifton Montgomery

Your commercial door provides security and safety to your premises. However, it can only offer safety when it is stable and working as expected. Unfortunately, doors are prone to damage due to frequent use that leads to wear and tear. If your industrial door is damaged, you should have it repaired immediately to avoid inconveniences and to ensure that your business premises are safe. Therefore, you should always inspect your doors to ensure that they are working effectively. Here are three main signs of damage you should watch out for.

1. When the Door Makes Abnormal Noises

Most commercial doors make some noise when closing or opening. If the noises are subtle, you don't need to call for repair services. However, if you notice that your door is making creaking, grinding, grating, squeaking or banging noises, these are signs that there is an issue with the door that need to be repaired.

If your door is automatic, these noises could signify that the opening mechanism has an obstruction or it's not lubricated. Before you call in a technician to repair your door, lubricate all the door's moving parts. If it still makes noises, have it repaired before the problem worsens.

2. When the Door Opens and Closes With Difficulty

When a door is used for a long time, it wears out and become hard to operate. There are several reasons why the door may fail to open and close as smoothly as you want it to. Some of the causes of this issue include loose hinges, misalignment of the door, poor lubrication of the moving parts, and broken elements. When a commercial door is not closing and opening as it should, you need timely repairs to lower the security threats. As such, if you notice this issue, call in a professional to repair your commercial door.

3. When the Door Has Cracks

If your door has visible cracks, you should have it repaired right away. These cracks on your door's surface could let bugs, light, and dust into your business premises. Additionally, these cracks allow air to escape from the building, making it hard to cool or heat a room.

Finally, these cracks are an indicator that your door's structure is weak. When your door is generally weak, your safety and security are compromised. Therefore, when you notice cracks on your doors, have them repaired by a professional.

If your door shows these signs, you need to have it repaired. Get professionals to inspect the door and repair any damage they identify. Contact a company like Redmond's Aviation Lock & Key to learn more.