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Kids Get Locked In The Car During Winter? 4 Things You Need To Do Right Away

by Clifton Montgomery

When you have young children, you want to plan for every emergency. Locking your keys in the car is one problem you might not be prepared for. If you're like most people, you don't think you'll ever lock your keys in the car. If it does happen, you can call a 24/7 locksmith and wait for them to arrive. But, if you lock your keys in the car while your young children are still inside, you need to act fast. Read the list provided below. If you lock your kids and your keys in the car this winter, here are four steps to get you through the emergency. 

Call a 24/7 Locksmith

If you've locked your kids and your keys in the car, the first thing you need to do is call a 24/7 locksmith. 24/7 locksmiths are ready to dispatch at a moment's notice. That means they can get to you right away. Let them know that you have young kids locked in the car. That way, they're prepared to act fast once they get there. 

Get the Car Into the Sun

If you've locked your kids in the car, you need to think about the temperature. Temperatures inside the car can drop fast during the winter, especially when the heater isn't on. To make sure the temperatures don't get too cold, try pushing your car into the sunlight. If you've locked your kids in the car after sundown, push the car under some shelter. That step is especially important if it's starting to snow. The shelter will prevent snow from accumulating on the car. If you lock your kids in the car during the summer, pour water on the car to reduce inside temperatures. 

Keep Your Kids Calm

If your kids are locked in the car, keep them calm until the locksmith gets there. That can be hard to do, especially if your kids are scared. Bystanders can help with that. Singing songs and talking to your kids can help keep them calm until help can arrive. Bystanders can also help you stay calm. 

Try DIY Methods

If you've called a 24/7 locksmith to get your kids out of the car, keep trying the DIY methods as some tricks can get the locks opened. If someone has a wire coat hanger, try using that. A straightened coat hanger can get pushed through the gaps in a window to open the lock. If you do get the door opened, wait for the locksmith. They can make a spare key for you. That way, you can keep the spare key somewhere for emergency use.

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