Improving Your Home Security

Tips On Choosing A Door Lock For Your Business

by Clifton Montgomery

Your choice of door locks is crucial in maintaining security on your business premises. Choosing the appropriate commercial door lock can be confusing due to the variety of locks available. Use this guide to help you find the right door lock for your business.

Commercial Grade Lock

When choosing a door lock for your business, determine the grade of the lock. Commercial grades are standards that guarantee the quality of door locks. These grades help business owners choose the proper hardware for their buildings. 

Locks are graded based on variables such as security, application, durability, material, and cycles. Grade 1 doors and hardware, like locks, are the strongest. These types of doors and hardware are suited for commercial properties because they are used numerous times by different people. Grade 2 doors and hardware provide middle-level protection, while grade 3 doors and hardware are suitable for light applications.

Lock Function

Another factor to consider when choosing locks for your business is the lock function. The primary function of locks installed at entrances is anti-theft. In this case, a smart lock is the most secure option.

Some locks in your business premises are meant to avoid danger during emergencies. Therefore, you should choose fireproof locks for emergency exits. Otherwise, if a lock isn't fireproof, it will deform when subjected to high temperatures. As a result, it will not open and will delay the escape time during emergencies.

Another function of locks is to reduce cross-infection frequency. This should be your priority when choosing locks for the kitchen and toilet. Choose high-grade stainless-steel locks with bacteriostatic features.

Type of Door Lock

When shopping for door locks, you need to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of different types of locks. Some standard door locks include cylindrical lever, deadbolt, mortise, and smart locks.

Cylindrical lever locks are suited for inside office doors. The door lock has two handles, making it easy to open the door from the inside and outside. These locks aren't used on main doors because they don't provide a high level of security.

Deadbolt locks feature a steel bolt to make the doors more secure than standard locks. These locks are sturdy and effective. Mortise locks are suited for high-traffic areas. The internal mechanism of the mortise lock is reliable and powerful. These locks resist forced entry, which makes them suited for areas with high-security threats.

Lastly, many businesses today have invested in smart locks. These keyless locks enhance security and minimize maintenance costs like rekeying. Furthermore, these locks make monitoring traffic through specific areas in your building easier.

Contact a commercial locksmith for more information.