Improving Your Home Security

  • Lockout Prevention And Solutions

    12 October 2020

    Unable to access your vehicle, garage, home, or business can occur during power outages or if a faulty locking system or missing key comes into play. Be prepared for a lockout and use some strategies to aid in minimizing setbacks, which could alter your plans or make a minor inconvenience one that is monumental, expensive, and time-consuming. Form a New Habit The manner in which you lock up your home or business for the day or secure your vehicle or garage may currently be handled in a different way.

  • What To Look For When Buying A Safe

    27 July 2020

    Do you want to install a safe in your home to keep some items secure, such as documents or jewelry? If so, you'll need to know what to look for when buying a safe and have a locksmith install it for you. Here are some things to look for when buying a safe. Glass Relocker The thickness of the door is not that important, since many doors simply have a lot of air within that thickness.

  • How A Locksmith Can Get You Into Your Home If You're Locked Out

    28 April 2020

    Did you lose your keys and are now locked out of your home? The easiest way to get back inside is to contact a locksmith to get past that locked door for you. Here are some methods that they'll use to open a lock. Lock Bumping One technique that locksmiths use to not cause damage to the lock is called lock bumping. It involves using a special key, often referred to as a bump key, to move the pins of the locking cylinder.